Who We Are

Great Northern Advisory is an accounting and finance consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas but serving clients nationally.  Our mission is to help clients maximize their value by providing pre-and post-transaction accounting, operational and reporting services, providing exceptional service with experienced consultants. Our teams have a combination of public accounting, industry and consulting experience, so they understand your problems and can provide tailored solutions.



When our Managing Director and Founder, Caroline Stovall founded Great Northern Advisory in Dallas, Texas, she envisioned a firm that would change expectations about client delivery and advisory firms – from both a client perspective and an employee perspective.  Originating from Manchester, England, she spent most of her career in public accounting before moving to Dallas in 2008 and into Consulting.  She saw an opportunity to help clients achieve their goals in what is currently a very acquisitive market and has a clear view on client service and leadership.  Great Northern Advisory has grown quickly with an impressive client list and this attracted impressive like-minded advisors to join Great Northern Advisory with a variety of backgrounds from across the country.  The entrepreneurship that gave rise to Great Northern Advisory remains the source of everything we do today.



Great Northern Advisory can help improve efficiencies through process improvement to ensure competitiveness and maximize the bottom line.  We can help your business by developing and implementing a plan to allow you to focus on where your business needs you most.

With Great Northern Advisory you can rest assured knowing that you have selected a pragmatic, strategic partner providing you results from day one. We utilize our expertise to advise management but follow-through to assist with implementation in order to provide exceptional results.

Whether your needs are process optimization, converting from cash to accrual on acquisition, getting a company ready for sale, or having just bought a new company, you will realize immediate value as we assist you in creating an optimized operating environment. We will develop recommendations for management on an on-going basis and create value each day.


Leadership, regardless of industry or size, is looking to boost ongoing financial performance and create leaner, more efficient organizations. We can help combine technology, processes, and the right people in the right roles to provide realized results throughout your business. Our mission is to provide you with a path – and a partner – to elevate your top and bottom lines in a quantifiable manner.



We partner with clients to drive change in their organization to produce the exceptional, tailored solutions that management needs and expects.